For Honor

Ubisoft, 26.06.2017
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Welcome to you and your friends on the battlefields of the Middle Ages! For Honor is one of the most acclaimed multiplayer action games in the aesthetics of the Medieval world, where users fight on the map as part of one of three teams. Selecting one of the factions (knights, Vikings, samurai), the user will have to put on his knees opponents in several exciting modes.

Game features

  • Three unique factions, each of which has a flexible development system and “proprietary” capabilities
  • Innovative combat system, where each combat participant calculates the strength, tilt and direction of the shot / strike - requires constant microcontrol
  • Unlimited possibilities in battle tactics
  • Bright, spectacular graphics and thoughtful physics with an emphasis on realism
  • Dynamic and realistic battles
  • Single-player campaign, as a nice addition to the network mode
  • Different types of battles: the seizure of territories, slaughter, duel, fight, destruction, military conflict

For Honor is a perfectly balanced team action game, which has become one of the main multiplayer events of recent times and will last in this status for a long time.

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