XCOM: Chimera Squad

2K, 24.04.2020
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XCOM: Chimera Squad is a spin-off of the XCOM tactical shooter, the events of which unfold five years after the final of the second part
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XCOM: Chimera Squad - a sudden continuation of a series of tactical strategies resuscitated several years ago about the struggle of earthlings with aliens who insidiously invaded Mother Earth. The developers did without announcements, and the players received a direct continuation of XCOM 2 in their arms. But they could not do without differences.

Game features

The early XCOM games became a cult classic of the genre. Subsequently, there were attempts to revive this universe, but something went wrong. In the 2010s, XCOM and XCOM 2 showed a decent level, falling in love with both old-school gamers and young lovers of tactics. XCOM events: Chimera Squad takes place several years later, XCOM 2. The aliens lost and flew away, but left many ordinary soldiers to their fate. It turned out that the aliens had a dictatorial government, and all these alien creatures are quite good guys, and you can get along with them. And you have to do it. Most people, of course, are against such friendship. City 31 is an experimental project where people and all other newly made "earthlings" should cohabit. That's just chaos reigns there. A mixed squad of police recruits have to fight for equality and order.

  • The scale has decreased, but the gameplay has retained the best features of its predecessors

  • Ability to pre-position the team for the assault, where each position has pros and cons

  • A flexible variety of people and all types of humanoids, which determines their use in battle

  • Dynamic storyline and missions that keep you from breathing for a second

XCOM: Chimera Squad is the perfect start for exploring the series. But fans of the genre will not remain deprived.

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