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In XCOM 2, you run a special unit fighting against alien invaders. Your task is to turn the earth back to mankind!
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XCOM 2 is a continuation of the legendary strategy. The plot of the game takes place twenty years after the events of the first part. Earth has been conquered by aliens, since many countries have voluntarily recognized the government of Advent Administration. The occupation authorities promised humanity prosperity and a life without diseases and wars, but it was a predictable deception. To start your own adventure to free the Earth from alien invaders, buy the Steam activation key for a licensed game on the gamefy service.

Key parameters

The XCOM 2 game is a strategy where you have to lead a partisan struggle against aliens. Users will have to fight enemy propaganda, prepare resistance units, as well as develop and produce weapons that will effectively destroy the enemy. In this part of the game you are waiting for:

  1. New Script. The developers moved away from the cliché of the original series, which was released in 1994. In this part of the game, the plot is completely new, and not a remake of a well-known story.
  2. Tactics. To win in a fight with alien invaders, the player will have to show his talent as a strategist at 100%.
  3. Weapons. Added new types of weapons that will effectively fight the hordes of aliens.
  4. New races. The developers have added new varieties of aliens. To win, you need to take into account their strengths and weaknesses. Study the enemy to give him a fitting rebuff!
  5. Classes of soldiers. Now there are five of them and each has its own abilities, pros and cons. Use in fights with aliens attackers, support soldiers, infantry, snipers and psionics. From the composition of your team depends on the tactics that need to be used for the complete destruction of opponents.
  6. ** Locations **. Random map generation increases toy replayability. This part of XCOM can be run many times.

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