Worms Ultimate Mayhem

Team17 Digital Ltd, 28.09.2011
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A brilliant memoir of careless childhood, when a massive assassination of worms was a mandatory attribute of any child's birthday.
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Worms Ultimate Mayhem is another three-dimensional part of a series of turn-based strategies about war of worms. Enjoy the pleasant three-dimensional graphics and the sea of ​​possibilities to show the computer and the living opponents what you are capable of. Buy Worms Ultimate Mayhem in our store, we offer license keys cheap.

Game features

  • Good old Worms in their modernized appearance - a three-dimensional world and graphics that not only delight the eye, but also add a number of possibilities in the game plan.
  • The classic game mechanics Worms, which takes into account the shortcomings of previous 3D-versions of the series.
  • Fully destructible maps and a very large arsenal for battle.
  • High-quality multiplayer and single with a number of amusing campaigns (battles and puzzles).
  • The reward system, through which you can buy funny tools for customizing worms - mustache, gloves and more.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem - fun, where you can safely stay in search of unobtrusive entertainment in the company of friends.

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