Worms Clan Wars

Team17 Digital Ltd, 15.08.2013
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Continuing all the same team game, all with the same gambling spirit. New weapons, new terrain all the same worms!
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Worms Clan Wars is a strong return to all your favorite worms on the battlefield after some lull. The emphasis in this part of the series is on multiplayer, where users can create clans and organize team battles. Taking into account the wishes of the fans, the developers have removed all unnecessary and improved important to offer the perfect gaming product in the format of the legendary parts of the series. Buy Worms Clan Wars can be online game store Gamefy.Store.

Game features

  • Continuation of the ideas of the Worms Revolution, which was accepted by enthusiastic fans.
  • The emphasis on the network game, which will give a lot of interesting open and opportunities in the team.
  • Recognizable visual style. Fully three-dimensional game, where everything happens in two planes - otherwise the worms can not be, when the time comes to chase modern technologies.
  • An interesting and fresh system for separating worms into classes, each with its own features and capabilities.
  • Create a unique team for online battles, with unlimited character customization.
  • Develop your clan to reach new heights in the game.

Worms Clan Wars - high-quality and rich continuation of the series for fans, with which beginners can begin their acquaintance with the world of warlike worms.

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