Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

3Division, 15.03.2019
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Dreaming of building communism? Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is an unusual strategy game from the Polish developers that gives you the opportunity to realize such an endeavor. Gradually developing a socialist society, you will encounter in this urban game, which in no way pretends to the glory of the mastodons of the genre level Sim City, you will have the opportunity to try out several approaches to the construction of a successful planned economy. And there will come equal happiness for all people.

Game Features

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a sandbox game where the player builds a living space from scratch (urban, rural areas), adjusted for the realities of socialism. There are no clear goals in the game, but there are also no limitations in creating a successful economic system within socialism, taking into account all its possibilities and complexities at the same time.

  • Accurate transfer of the realities of socialism to a separate sandbox

  • A number of possibilities for realizing the goal of creating a prosperous society

  • Atmospheric visual and musical components that add color to the gameplay

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - a small dream and the opportunity to test something that could not be realized in real life.

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