Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Bethesda-Softworks, 25.07.2019
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1980's Paris captured by the Nazis. Somewhere in his bowels, performing the next assignment, the brave BJ Blackstarius disappeared without a trace. His quest goes to twin daughters
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Somewhere in the early 1980s, the legendary Nazi executioner William J. Blaskowitz disappeared without a trace in Paris. Two decades earlier, he had killed Hitler and freed America from occupation, but Europe is still shaking under the boot of the Germans. And the Blaskowitz daughters will have to get involved in a crazy, blood-filled adventure in occupied Paris of the eighties in order to find a father in Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Game features

• Global addition to the Wolfenstein series • Detailed, naturalistic Paris 1980 with an eye on alternative history and the achievements of pop culture at the same time • An open world that provides the game with a non-linearity factor • A fascinating, mysterious story that is generously seasoned with “Tarantino” dialogues • Flexible character leveling system • The ability to play in pairs, which creates an imprint on the gameplay - the cooperative mode deserves special attention

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is an original experiment that deserves attention for its dynamism and rich style, in the best traditions of the series.

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