Wolfenstein : The Old Blood

Bethesda Softworks, 05.05.2015
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Prequel to the New Order story that ends up where the New Order begins. Performed in the best traditions of Wolfenstein. Nazis, zombies, paranormal phenomena and a piece of pipe which and kill will help and on the wall to get out.
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Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - a prequel to the original game from the studio MachineGames. It is considered one of the most iconic shooters of recent years. In the gamefy online store you can buy the Steam activation key for the licensed computer game Wolfenstein: Old Blood at a price lower than the competition.

Main settings

The revival of the legendary shooter Wolfenstein, which in the past stood at the origins of this game genre, turned out bright and interesting. The game consists of two parts. William Joseph "BJ" Blaskowitz - a key character in the series. In this part of it awaits incredible adventures behind enemy lines, fierce battles in the very lair of the Nazi beast. From the actions of the player depends on the success of the fight against the "brown plague" in the world. Stock up on bullets and advance to the goal! The game has the following features:

  1. Beautiful graphics. Pleasant visuals make the gameplay even more exciting - the best experts from MachineGames worked on the graphics in the game.
  2. The plot. The story of the resistance fighter Blaskowice is full of unexpected turns, intrigues, secrets and military prowess. The passage of the shooter keeps the player in suspense from start to finish.
  3. Atmosphere. Nazi castles, laboratories and prisons form a gloomy picture, but this is a kind of "chip" game. Do you want to destroy the evil Nazis? Then you will definitely like this game.
  4. Weapons. Use all means to destroy enemies! You will be available historical weapons and futuristic images of weapons.

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