Electronic Arts, 23.03.2018
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You can play "A Way Out" only with one another. Each player controls one of the protagonists, and you have to work together for the sake of freedom!
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Looking for something fresh in offline games? The developers of A Way Out offer unique cooperative mechanics. Forget the tedious online games with thousands of users. There is only you and your friend here - working in pairs in split-screen mode, the heroes have to organize a jailbreak. Ahead of you will find a variety of "delicious" gameplay that will turn your head even to the most impenetrable gamers.

Game features

The two main characters received large sentences. Having met in prison, they understand that the same criminal boss is the cause of trouble. The solution is one - to find a way to break out of prison and take revenge on him.

• Innovative gameplay, where two people pass the storyline simultaneously, on one screen • Game mechanics that require the constant involvement of two characters in each game scene • Thoughtful and varied plot that keeps you in suspense until the very end • Huge scope in the genre component, where players will have to play stealth and solve puzzles and shoot • Ability to complete the game together literally on one computer

A Way Out is an indie game that demonstrates the absolute devotion of developers to their ideas, passion and desire to make an unconventional product. For this you can forgive any bug.

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