Watch_Dogs 2

Ubisoft, 29.11.2016
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Watch Dogs is back! Welcome to San Francisco, the birthplace of Silicon Valley, the computer revolution and innovation
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Watch Dogs 2 is the continuation of the popular hacker stealth action, where the developers created a completely new story and fixed the mistakes of the first part. Now the gameplay has become as dynamic and exciting as possible, distinguishing Watch Dogs 2 with authenticity from a number of other open-world action games.

Game features

This time the action takes place in San Francisco. The main characters are a group of young hackers who want to open their eyes to the world on many social problems. And they are not going to build a sour mine in the process of building. The tone of the game has shifted towards positive, which at first glance creates a feeling of something completely new. But all the best from the first part has been preserved.

• Still an open world with many opportunities and vibrant San Francisco • Improved graphics and physics, which is especially noticeable in the behavior of cars and attention to the smallest details of characters, objects of the world, etc. • Dynamic videos, charismatic characters and a sea of ​​humor, which together offer crazy gameplay • The emphasis is still made on silent passage (there are always several options for solving the problem) using technologies, but there is still room for high-quality shootings and chases

Watch Dogs 2 is a true embodiment of fun in the open world, with its own "face."

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