Watch Dogs

Ubisoft, 26.05.2014
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Welcome to the windy city of Chicago, the city of the future, where all service and regulation systems are connected into a single network
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Watch Dogs is a game that at first glance they like to compare with the GTA series, especially at the time of its release immediately after the successful GTA 5. But there are much more differences if you go deeper. This is a rather gloomy story of revenge, where the main task and opportunity for the player, in the person of the protagonist, is the taming of computerized Chicago for their own purposes. But no one canceled the hurricane action with pursuits in the open city!

Game features

The protagonist of the story is the hacker Aiden Pearce. It has virtually unlimited access to all of Chicago's digitized systems and communications, where game events unfold. Using technology in an illegal way to his advantage, Aiden will have to restore justice and avenge his niece.

• The huge open world of Chicago with complete freedom of action • A fascinating storyline that can be covered in several different ways - from direct intervention to a completely remote solution to problems • An abundance of interesting secondary missions that will help distract from the main plot • Innovative gameplay, where the "hacker" environment is very accurately and realistically recreated

Watch Dogs is a game that has become the opening of its time in the genre of action, and which gives an unforgettable experience so far.

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