Wasteland 3

inXile Entertainment, 28.08.2020
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Wasteland 3 is a party-based RPG from inXile entertainment that will appeal to both veterans of the series and newcomers
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How is the Fallout universe doing? While the main role-playing series about post-apocalypticism is mired in global online battles, fans of the genre live for every opportunity to plunge into the usual story-driven survival in the open world. And now they have great reason to rejoice in the face of the real old-school RPG Wasteland 3.

Game features

Wasteland 3 builds on the ideas of the second part and continues the history of the Rangers started there.

  • From the wastelands of Arizona to the permafrost of Colorado - a new game world, still open for research

  • A large number of dialogues and side quests that give the game and stories a juicy volume

  • Interesting main storyline with the Patriarch and his sons, whom the Rangers will help to overthrow

  • Appropriate doses of black humor that serve as a highlight of the story

  • Modified and polished combat and role-playing system of the game, in comparison with the previous part

  • Personal transport - all-terrain vehicles that make the gameplay even more diverse

Wasteland 3 is the spirit of an RPG classic, lots of nice and unique details, and a world that is long-lasting.

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