SEGA, 25.05.2017
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This is more than just a sci-fi shooter. Vanquish emphasizes style and skill as well as explosions and shooting.
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Vanquish is a game that has conquered the gamer community around the world. Several studios worked on it: PlatinumGames and Little Stone Software. The action of a computer game is based on an exciting and interesting story, in the course of the course you will learn a lot of secrets. In the gamefy online service, you can buy the activation key Steam to Vanquish and play on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Key Features

Vanquish is a fun action pack with interesting twists. The developers of the game worked hard on fame. It is possible without exaggeration to say that this product is one of their greatest achievements. Features of the game are as:

  1. Freedom of action. What way to go to the goal is to decide only you. Your actions are not limited to anyone. Take complex decisions and go to victory!
  2. Combat suit. The use of military equipment will allow you to gain superb ability and a tangible fire advantage over your opponents.
  3. The use of improvised means. Your arsenal is not only a powerful weapon. Perform acrobatic tricks, use any items in the game to defeat the opponents - this is a quality melee combat.
  4. Statistics. The system will record your victories and defeats. Now you can compete in your skills with other gamers from around the world.

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