V-Rally 4

Bigben Interactive, 25.09.2018
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V-RALLY 4 - the return of the legendary off-road racing!
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V-Rally 4 is the continuation of the once popular rally car simulator series, the third part of which was released in 2002 and was enthusiastically received by gamers and critics. In 2018, in V-Rally 4, the developers shifted focus, but still managed to offer players a competitive product, and the years of downtime of the series did not become an obstacle to this.

Game features

V-Rally 4 is a car rally simulator. Unlike the old parts of the series, where the emphasis is on the arcade component, here the main focus is on the realism of what is happening. Only the voice of the navigator, the steering wheel in his hands and a bunch of unpleasant obstacles on the track, which strive to tighten the finish line - and nothing more to get a lot of pleasure from the process!

• Realistic gameplay, where the bet is placed on the features of the track and the technical aspects of real-life production cars • Accurate and correct control, which makes it possible to feel like driving a car • Nice graphics, original tracks and nice landscapes on the player’s path • Two game modes: single player campaign and multiplayer

V-Rally 4 is the maximum of simplicity in its genre, which is set in the category of realistic simulators. A game for those who can’t stand the arcade, but who are not interested in the meticulous challenges of hyper-realistic products.

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