Two controllers strongly recommended

Unravel Two

Electronic Arts, 09.01.2018
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In Unravel Two you have to create your own character Jarni, find friends and go on an adventure together!
34.20 $

Unravel Two is a charming platformer where the player will plunge into the magic of the puppet world of wicker men. By controlling the blue and red character, you need to go a long journey. Only ingenuity and courage will help to solve difficult puzzles on your way!

Game features

• Full-fledged cooperative mode, which allows two players to simultaneously pass the game • A simple story of friendship and mutual assistance, passed through the prism of an original gaming universe • Bright game design with catchy levels • Difficult riddles based on logic, physics and the ability to interact with surrounding objects • Detailing of the game space, which will help to dive deeper into the original gameplay

Unravel Two is the true magic and art of the game world, embodied in small gameplay forms.

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