Two Point Hospital

SEGA, 30.08.2018
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Two Point Hospital is a continuation of the Theme Hall Hospital. Build an unsurpassed hospital, cure various illnesses and manage the staff. Create a genuine organization for the health of the city's residents.
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Two Point Hospital - an economic simulator from the studio Two Point Studios, which received rave reviews among fans of the genre. The game will allow you to fully realize the talent of the head of the hospital. To start the adventure, download Two Point Hospital on Steam. Buy an activation key for a licensed game in the gamefy online store and turn a mediocre clinic into a modern medical center!

Main characteristics

The player will take control of the clinic. Gameplay allows you to implement a lot of ideas and management approaches in the development of the clinic. Fans of simulators will appreciate this game. Features of Two Point Hospital:

  1. Hospital of your dreams. Develop your own interior style, introduce new technologies and install modern equipment.
  2. Recruiting staff. Hire experienced and prospective doctors. But remember, you will have to reckon with their habits and character. Gather a team of the best health workers! Mercilessly dismiss mediocrity and lazy people!
  3. Diagnosis. The treatment has never been so fun! Fight the epidemic of "malignant enlightenment" and other ridiculous diseases. Medical humor is an integral part of the game.
  4. Development. Make your medical center prosperous and efficient. You will have all the possibilities for this. Reduce prices and add new services to discourage customers from competitors.
  5. Multiplayer. Cooperate with other players and participate in competitions to prove that you are the best hospital manager.

Download the game in your Steam account, then buy from us the key to the game, and activate it - all this will take a matter of minutes! We accept payment from bank cards, you can also pay for the game through the payment service LiqPay.