TT Isle of Man

Bigben Interactive, 27.03.2018
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TT Isle of Man - a game about the most prestigious motorcycle races
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TT Isle of Man is a rare example of a game in the motorcycle racing genre for our time. And not just games, but a good game, which is emphasized by the reviews of both gamers and specialists. Having abandoned the arcade mechanic, the developers proposed a truly hardcore entertainment that not everyone can master. But the one who can - will receive all the laurels!

Game features

TT Isle of Man is a realistic motorcycle racing simulator with maximum emphasis on the realism of what is happening. Dedicated to the legendary, very dangerous Maine-based race. This is one of the most famous competitions in the world of motorsport, similar to the Le Mans race. Racers must go 6 laps of 60 kilometers on the island, and here over the years of the competition, hundreds of people died.

• Hyper-realistic controls and physics that provide complete immersion in the gameplay • Precise atmosphere of legendary competition • Spectacular graphics that set new standards for your genre • Maximum detail of the game track, which exactly matches the original • An abundance of motorcycle models with various parameters

TT Isle of Man is a game that stands out from the arcade trends of modern racing projects.

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