Tropico 6

Kalypso Media, 29.03.2019
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Tropico 6 is the next part of town-planning and political simulator. You will have to take control of the island state Tropico in their own hands.
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El Presidente is back!

Lovers of economic strategies like the game Tropico 6. It has everything you need for a fascinating adventure: political intrigue, various management styles, corruption and ungrateful population. Tropico 6 is a colorful economic simulator of a tropical island. Games in this series have a large audience of fans. Buy Steam activation key you can in our authorized online store gamefy.

Game Features

The strategy has an interesting gameplay and an intriguing storyline. You will be able to plunge into the world of economics and political intrigue. Highlight the key features of the game:

  1. Big game world. In this part of the simulator, you will have to manage not one island, but the whole archipelago.
  2. Management style. A user can become a democratic ruler or usurp power, and introduce a real dictatorship in the country. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the most attractive model of government.
  3. Construction of transport infrastructure. To connect their islands, it is necessary to build bridges, tunnels and cableways. Each ruler chooses which transport infrastructure to build on his lands.
  4. **Oratory. ** Learn the rhetoric, and get ready for ardent speeches to the people. You can not skimp on the sweet promises. This approach works not only in the real world, but also in the virtual!
  5. Spy Passion. The game has the ability to use special services for the benefit of the state. Prepare spies in the academy and use their talents to achieve your goals.
  6. Cooperative multiplayer. In this mode, you can start playing the game together with your friends.

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