Tropico 5

Kalypso Media Digital, 23.05.2014
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Return to your island and continue to develop it in the 5th part of the most famous dictator simulator.
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Tropico 5 - the continuation of the popular series of economic simulators. You will again have to lead a small island nation in the Caribbean and turn it into a prosperous resort. The game combines the advantages of the previous parts, but is not their 100% clone. The developers made changes to the gameplay that made the gameplay even more exciting. To start an adventure on a tropical island, buy a Steam activation key for the licensed Tropico 5 in the gamefy online store.

Main settings

Managing an island nation is not easy, but very fun. The user will be able to fully demonstrate their managerial and diplomatic talents. The game has the following features:

  1. Different epochs. The reign begins in ancient times. The player will have to spend their state through a series of world crises to the present day. In each era, users expect their trials and missions.
  2. Dynasty. Invest in your family - this is a traditional Latin American approach to governing the country. Put your close relatives on key positions, increase your influence and wealth.
  3. Trading. The player will have to build their own fleet. However, getting rich honestly is not so easy. Build a separate port for smugglers and buy goods at a bargain price.
  4. Development. Explore new resources and technologies, constantly update and modernize the island’s infrastructure. This is the only way to bring your country to prosperity.
  5. Graphics. Designers from the studio Haemimont Games were able to create a quality product. The graphics in the game are beautiful and picturesque, which makes the gameplay even more enjoyable.

To make a purchase, create an account on the gamefy service - it will take a minimum of time. Next, add the item to the cart and pay for it. After that, you will immediately receive a Steam key to “Tropico” 5.