Tropico 5 - Complete Collection

Kalypso Media Digital, 23.05.2014
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Special Edition The Tropico 5 - Complete Collection, which includes both the main game and all the additions to it.
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The Caribbean islands are a grateful land … Become the ruler of a small settlement and grow in breadth, building the well-being of your small but free people in such a small but proud banana republic. Tropico 5 is a popular economic strategy and dictator simulator, in which the player is to lead the state to prosperity through four temporary eras.

Game features

• Tropico 5 - Complete Edition - the most complete version of the game, which includes the original and all released add-ons.
• Open sandbox with almost limitless growth possibilities.
• Multiplayer mode for playing by a company of 2 to 4 people.
• Move into a bright future, gradually building the economy, discovering new buildings, opportunities and research.
• The verified, corporate humor of the Tropico series.
• Build a family whose members will head the other islands of your state will become ambassadors and generals.
• An advanced trading system, where the fleet plays a key role.
• Updated design that gives realism to the game in detail.

Tropico 5 - Complete Edition is a pleasant alternative to the giants of the genre and a real gift to a fan of the series. The full package of add-ons is available only here!

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