SEGA, 23.05.2019
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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is the first in the award-winning series to recreate epic conflict across ancient China.
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The Total War series of games moves along a beaten track a long time ago from game to game. But without innovations and new settings nowhere, right? And the developers find the keys to the gaming hearts over and over again, which makes them spend tens of hours of gameplay in each new series of global strategies.

In Total War: Three Kingdoms, it is time to dive into the interesting, intricate and rich in legends history of ancient China in the II century of our era. These are the times of the decline of the powerful Han dynasty, when lawlessness and endless internecine wars broke off the powerful country. The player has the opportunity to take one of the parties to the conflict to become the new ruler of a united and indestructible China Empire.

Game features

  • Fascinating and original game setting, which has not yet been fully revealed in the world of strategies.
  • Classic “historical” game mode of the Total War series and “romantic”, which is based on legends - with super-units and fantasy elements in the story.
  • A huge number of gaming provinces and factions - most are similar to each other, but have very different situations in the scenarios, which opens up great gaming opportunities.
  • Expanded mechanics of diplomacy - for each action there are dozens of options for decisions and developments.
  • The original reform system, designed to qualitatively refresh the gameplay.
  • Updated tactics of combat in real time, including one-on-one fights between army leaders.
  • Improved detail, abundance of visual effects, natural phenomena and game landscapes.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - a game that faithfully keeps the ideas of the series and brings the original notes of oriental flavor to the gameplay.

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