Total War: Attila

SEGA, 17.02.2015
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Under the influence of hunger, disease and war, in the eastern steppes a new force grows rapidly. Hundreds of thousands of riders are ready to serve the chosen leader, and his vision is aimed at Rome ...
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Looking for a cool tactical strategy, but you probably don’t know what to choose? You can buy Attila Total War - a large-scale game of a popular series that develops successful developments of the legendary predecessor games and offers a new, impressively sized game world. Save the Roman Empire during the Second Great Migration or finally finish it off by getting your key in Total War Attila for Steam!

Game features

Total War: Attila is a computer game that combines tactical and real-time strategy genres. The action begins at the end of the 4th century AD. The player takes control of one of the 10 nations in the era after the collapse of the Roman Empire (Western and Eastern). Driving the country on the global map in Attila's Total War, a gamer must conduct an effective domestic and foreign policy, as well as take part in large-scale battles on a real-time map.

  • Participate in realistic battles, commanding an army of 8000+ units.
  • Waiting for you updated artificial intelligence and challenging challenges.
  • A flexible system of difficulty levels - from local scenarios, to an attempt to regain the former greatness of a dying Rome.
  • A well thought-out provincial administration mechanism through governors who should belong to the ruling dynasty.
  • Barricades, the possibility of retreat from the city without a fight and other tactical tricks that will make the gameplay as diverse and interesting as possible.

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Successful adventures to you in the harsh world of the early Middle Ages!