Total War : Warhammer

SEGA, 24.05.2016
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Total War: WARHAMMER is an exciting turn-based legendary strategy that offers real-time incredible and explosive battles.
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The Total War series of games reached the Warhammer universe. Developers from Creative Assembly studio did their best - the game was released in the traditional mixed genre, combining a turn-based strategy and RTS. The main goal is to conquer the world by defeating all of their opponents. This strategy has received deserved recognition from players from many different countries. Want to join them? With gamefy, you can buy Total War: Warhammer and become part of the Warhammer universe.

Product Features

In this strategy, you have to try yourself in the role of ruler and formidable commander. Choose a race and fight. Not only ordinary warriors, but also terrible monsters, magicians and sorcerers will converge on the battlefield. The most prominent features of the game:

  1. Expanding game world. Boundless expanses allow you to expand the boundaries of your empire for many miles. Huge armies will rise under your banner and lead you to glory and power!
  2. Different races. Now the factions are different from each other and you need to be able to play for each of them. Units differ not only in appearance, but also in the mass of other characteristics.
  3. Interesting plot. Breathtaking stories will make the adventure even brighter. This time you will find a powerful whirlpool of events in which you will be one of the main characters - each of your actions plays an important role in the plot.
  4. Diverse tactics. New types of troops and magical capabilities became available to users. Use your own tactics to defeat the enemy in a fair fight and earn a lot of achievements!

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