Tom Clancy’s The Division

Ubisoft, 08.03.2016
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After the deadly pandemic that seized New York, the city is in chaos. Hope is only for a group of specially designated people who responded to the help and their goal is to save society!
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Tom Clancy’s The Division is a spectacular role-playing shooter telling about survival in a huge city after a disaster. The near future. A few years ago, New York covered the epidemic. Today, the city is divided into zones that are controlled by government forces and survivor groups. Become a member of this rebel group and the main character. You say banal? You should buy Tom Clancy’s The Division game to see how implementation defeats simplicity.

Game features

Tom Clancy’s The Division has long won the title of one of the samples of the genre of cooperative action-RPG. Not devoid of minor flaws, it gives unlimited scope for action in an open world that you want to explore. A non-linear passage and the same diverse battles with an emphasis on tactics enhance the effect.

  • Story: a new look at the story of extinction and survival in a big city.
  • Game design: destroyed and dusty, but not losing its grandeur, New York, in which there are enough dark places and picturesque weather phenomena. Separate highlight - an open world where you can destroy most of the game elements and thereby invent a new way of passing.
  • Team play: victory depends on the coherence of the players in the team, and this will be assisted by a huge set of game mechanics and possible tactics available in the open world.
  • Visuals: a thorough detailing of the game world with which the user contacts, day and night, and much more.
  • Role playing elements: you will have to shoot a lot, but we don’t forget about skills with perks, player levels, weapons and equipment modification systems, collecting loot.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is an epic action and an important event in the world of gaming over the past 10 years that everyone should appreciate.

Where to buy Tom Clancy’s The Division

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