Titanfall 2

Electronic Arts, 28.10.2016
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Titanfall 2 is a hurricane thriller, where a grandiose story campaign awaits you with the participation of a unique team of people and cars and an excellently developed multiplayer mode.
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Titanfall 2 is an amazing action game in which the player has to take control of a combat robot. Moving in the game world with virtually no limits, you have to face hordes of enemies in single and multiplayer modes.

Game features

Titanfall 2 offers all the best that the first part demonstrated, plus solutions for existing shortcomings. Now the game has a full-fledged single player campaign, and it’s interesting to follow the plot here.

• A well-developed single-player game in which diverse missions are supported by the story of a rookie soldier in the world of a bloodthirsty war. He inherits a supertechnological exoskeleton from a mentor, and this will help him to go the way to the most powerful warrior • Truly, open and infinitely varied gameplay, where for the player there are practically no restrictions on the movement of the map • High detail of the world • A well-developed system of classes, modernization and development of military vehicles • Non-stop action in the best traditions of the genre • Unique boss battles

Titanfall 2 is the quintessence of an uncompromising action shooter that fans of the genre will be unable to get past. Like everyone else.

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