Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

THQ Nordic, 31.08.2016
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Titan Quest is an RPG action game developed by Iron Lore Entertainment. Anniversary Edition is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the once popular game Titan Quest.
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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is a jubilee reprint of a favorite game that has not yet received a continuation. In the meantime, we are waiting for him, you can replay the Titan Quest with additional buns. This is exactly what this version of the game offers.

Edition features

Titan Quest is the game that came closest to the glory of the Diablo series. A verified role-playing slasher offers the player a journey through ancient myths, where they will have to face many stories and characters from familiar stories hailing from ancient Greece, Egypt and the Far East.

• The game, recommended for familiarization with the genre of hack’n’slash in general • Dynamic gameplay and extensive character pumping capabilities, combat and magical branches of development, plenty of loot and opportunities for unique character equipment • The abundance of familiar mythological events and characters, woven into a single plot • Features Anniversary Edition: global balance update, improved artificial intelligence, fix bugs, improved user interface

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is a great way to remember the beloved, but long and repeatedly passed game, as well as the opportunity to try out the genre of role-playing slasher on one of the best representatives, who have not lost relevance today.

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