This War of Mine

11 bit studios, 14.11.2014
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In the game "This War of Mine" you run a group of civilians who are trying to survive in an occupied city. You are constantly short of food and medicine, snipers and robbers are following you every day
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Podgoren, the capital of the fictional Eastern European state The country is raging bloody civil war. Three civilians are trying to survive together, hiding in a dilapidated building. Suspected of danger at every turn, they must survive a period of hostilities. To do this, it is necessary not just to hide, but also to search for food nearby. Death awaits them at every turn. We offer to buy This War Of Mine in order to try out one of the toughest survival simulators in the world of games, about which both players and critics speak laudably.

Game features

  • Carry out night raids to get everything you need for survival - food, medicine, items for home improvement.
  • Home Improvement - a separate story. Weigh each step and soberly assess opportunities to gradually build a safe space.
  • Heroes of the game are mortal, as never before - wounds here are very difficult to treat, it is better not to run into clashes; banal drafts in the house will cause illness. And no one has canceled the mental agony of heroes that affect the action.
  • Depressive, but carefully crafted and stylish graphics in dark colors. A two-dimensional world that attracts emptiness and despair in every pixel.
  • Build a plan for further action, but do not forget about the randomization, which introduces chaos in the gameplay - there are enough unexpected events in the game.

This War Of Mine - more immersion in the dark than a simple game. Realistic experience on the verge of madness.

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