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Jealousy, resentment, meanness, revenge, protection of honor - the TEKKEN series made it clear that everyone has their own reason for starting a conflict
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Tekken is perhaps the second of the most recognizable names in the world of popular fighting games. The story behind this line of games is indescribably legendary - more than one generation has grown on them. Welcome to the fields of the new Iron Fist tournament, where a lot of new and interesting is stocked for you, without prejudice to all the attributes of the series. It's Tekken 7 time!

Game features

• Old-school gameplay, where the main emphasis is on opposing fundamentally different fighting styles with perfect balance • Minimalistic, but very stylish visual design that allows you not to be distracted by excesses - only the gameplay matters • Updated character pack, each of the new characters is a holistic personality with its own characteristics and capabilities • Several diverse game modes, including the main plot, battles for treasures and much more • Global hero customization system • Online mode in which you can stick for tens of hours

Tekken 7 is an absolute tribute to the past of fighting games, which offers new content, perfect balance and a small share of new-fangled game mechanics. Fans will appreciate the newcomers may be a little surprised at the local hardcore. But it’s enough to spend a little time on training, so that the game is revealed in all its glory.

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