Tales of Symphonia

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 02.02.2016
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In the dying world there is a legend about how the Chosen One will appear in the people and the earth will be reborn. The boundaries between good and evil will be erased, and the fate of two connected worlds hang in the balance ...
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If you like smart and thoughtful jRPGs, then be sure to check out Tales of Symphonia. This game of the PS2 era still looks interesting and stylish, as for all components - both the visual component, and the atmosphere, and gameplay.

Game features

The plot of the game is twisted around a magical world and a pair of young people in it. Mana in this world is running out, and the elders send a girl named the chosen one to the ends of the world. She must perform a ritual there to restore mana. Her companion, a guy, must defend in this short way.

• Detailed story, generously flavored with dialogue • The indescribable atmosphere of what is happening, where is the place for humor, and for cute drawn, charismatic and unique characters • Interesting game design with original, dissimilar locations • Addictive hack’n’slash gameplay • The combat system, which includes variations of melee, ranged combat and the use of magic • Countless monsters and weapons that pleasantly diversify the long gameplay

Tales of Symphonia - greetings from the past and a pleasant breath of fresh air for everyone who wants something spiritual as opposed to the epic.

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