Tales of Berseria

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 27.01.2017
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The terrible tragedy has turned the life of a young girl and now this monster filled with hate is ready to take revenge on the whole world.
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Tales of Berseria is a typical representative of jRPG, which has a number of differences from the canons. Adhering to the traditional standards of the genre, the game offers stylistic, more "severe" discrepancies with the usual games. The player will take control of a tough avenger who defends her truth with blood in a very gloomy and unfriendly world. But within acceptable gloomy, as for jRPG.

Game features

• A deeply developed world with original characters, each of which has a unique character and background • An interesting, deeply crafted plot • A fascinating combat system, the abundance of capabilities of which will not let you get bored during a long game • Unique opponents and super-charismatic bosses

Tales of Berseria is the perfect entertainment in its genre that you want to come back to again and again.

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