Sword Legacy: Omen

Team17 Digital Ltd, 13.08.2018
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Before the golden age of King Arthur, our lands were fragmented and were in decline; blind selfishness tore the kingdom from within. Britain was split and hopeless
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Sword Legacy: Omen is a tactical strategy from a Brazilian independent studio. The game has incorporated a voluminous period in the history of Medieval Britain and offers adventures in the world of knights and heroes well-known to all. The user has to go through a fascinating story of 12 acts.

Game features

The story of the knight Uther, who goes in search of the kidnapped lady, the daughter of his deceased overlord. The hero must save Britain along the way.

• A well-thought-out tactical mode that allows you to flexibly combine diverse characters (no more than four players can be taken into battle), which opens up almost limitless possibilities for tactics • Explore maps and collect information bit by bit to learn more about the plot • A detailed world and thoughtful game design within a variety of locations • Role elements for leveling characters • The abundance of ammunition • Elegant cartoon style

Sword Legacy: Omen is a must-have item on the program for fans of tactical strategies. The game follows the canons of the genre and gives a sea of ​​small, pleasant surprises.

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