SUPERHOT Team, 25.02.2016
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SUPERHOT blurs the line between thoughtful strategy and rampant madness
13.40 $

Superhot is an experimental first-person shooter for PCs and VR platforms. In this surreal game, users have to play a kind of “chess game”, where you need to kill conditional enemies from the first shot and not let them get into you. I missed the bullet - died. But the user has the main advantage - as long as the GG does not move, the world around him also freezes, and this must be used.

Game features

• Hardcore "turn-based" shooter with a pause, which sets new standards for originality of gameplay • Stylish level design and graphics, made in the form of absolute minimalism • Amazing opportunities for replayability, as each level can and must be re-run in order to achieve the best result • Accurate gameplay and several options for weapons that are very different in application and significantly affect the passage

You also want Superhot when you realize how short this game is. But you can always go through it again, recharged with a crazy drive.

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