SUPERHOT Team, 16.07.2020
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SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE is a first-person shooter in which time moves only with you
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Superhot: Mind Control Delete is the long-awaited sequel to Idea, which has given us hours of tricky and unconventional gameplay. This is a new part of a three-dimensional shooter with a very conditional plot and visual design, where the player needs to shoot back from crowds of enemies. The difficulty level is high, because one hit is enough for death. But the player also has a powerful cheat code. While you are standing, the environment and enemies around are also practically motionless. So, it is possible to calculate further actions.

Game Features

Superhot: Mind Control Delete retains the core concept and design of the original while emphasizing new possibilities. Now we go through not a linear shooter consisting of a set of levels, but conditional arenas where you can play almost indefinitely.

  • Unique game concept that has not been found in other shooters

  • Minimalistic visual aesthetics that is memorable

  • Tens and hundreds of hours of gameplay in a new, almost endless format

  • Updated enemies, including those who can be "killed" only in a certain highlighted part of the body

  • System of improvements, which allows you to diversify the already exciting combat system

Superhot: Mind Control Delete is the new dose of calculating adrenaline we've been waiting for.

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