To activate this DLC you must have the main game Stellaris

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack

Paradox Interactive, 21.09.2017
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The main innovation additions is the emergence of a new race, available to players. The appearance of new storylines, new mechanics and new maps is connected with it.
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6.66 $

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack is another content addition to the global strategy of space colonization that everyone loves. Players have the opportunity to play for the civilization of intelligent machines.

Features of the add-on

  • New story, which proposes to become the head of a race of intelligent robots, who have a lot of their own trump cards in the matter of space exploration
  • An abundance of robot models to create
  • Robots are subject to evolution and development, but at the same time they do not know hunger and natural death
  • Unique characters and dialogues, an updated tree of diplomacy

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack - the original addition, which allows you to go on a fundamentally different way than users have played before. And the uniqueness of intelligent robots is worthy of your time.

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