Paradox Interactive, 16.01.2019
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The scientific ship is in your hands, the spaceport to the capital and forward to conquer the universe.
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Stellaris is a global space strategy from Paradox Development Studio. On the work of this studio has grown more than one generation of gamers. You can buy the Steam activation key for the licensed computer game "Stellaris" in our online store.

Main characteristics

This game has been well received by users around the world. We are sure that the lovers of space battles among our customers will also like it. The action takes place in the vast vast star systems and galaxies. During the passage of the campaign users waiting for the mass of adventures. The gameplay of the game is very friendly, it allows you to quickly expand the influence of your empire. The product has the following features:

  1. Huge world. Procedurally generated galaxies and an uncountable number of stars are waiting for you! The game world is as detailed as possible. You will meet with different planets and intelligent species.
  2. Features. Develop new technologies, build bases and space ships on your own project, go on a journey to solve the secrets of the universe.
  3. Research. Explore the world around you and develop science. The research system in the game consists of three branches: social, physical and engineering. Make your choice and follow it.
  4. Diplomacy. Create alliances and base federations with friends playing corporate mode. Make contacts with underdeveloped civilizations and spread your influence on them.
  5. War. When diplomacy is powerless, it's time to get the enemy to reckon with you through military force. You are waiting for violent conflicts with different alien races. Show your leadership talents one hundred percent to win the war.

To buy the key to the game, register an account on the gamefy service. After that, add the item to the basket and pay for it with a credit card. Immediately after this, we will send you the key to Stellaris by email.