To activate this DLC you must have the main game Stellaris

Stellaris: Plantoids Species Pack

Paradox Interactive, 04.08.2016
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Plantoids adds plant-like races to Stellaris, whose seeds spread throughout the galaxy, taking roots of new civilizations on new planets.
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Stellaris is a global strategy where players have unlimited opportunities to explore space. The ability to build a galactic civilization is what is the true reality in this world. And with the growing popularity of Stellaris, the time has come for add-ons that can qualitatively expand gaming capabilities. The first major DLC for the game was the Stellaris: Plantoids Species Pack.

Features of the add-on

Stellaris: Plantoids Species Pack focuses on races like members of the kingdom of flora. This is a new faction for the development and colonization of the planets of the Universe, on which it is now possible to establish the undivided power of the plant world.

  • New gaming phenotype with unique graphics and animation.
  • New models of civil and military ships
  • Global update of the visual component of urban landscapes
  • 15 new portraits of races

Coupled with the genuine variety of possibilities offered by the original - the ideal space for a new stage of colonization of distant stars!

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