To activate this DLC you must have the main game Stellaris

Stellaris - Megacorp

Paradox Interactive, 06.12.2018
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The player becomes the CEO of a powerful corporate empire, with the goal of expanding operations among the stars.
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Stellaris global space strategy came out in 2016, but its popularity does not even think to subside. This is due to the quality support of the main game with additions that the developer regularly releases. They follow the spirit of their beloved strategy, bringing fresh game mechanics and content into the gameplay. A striking example of this is the addition of Stellaris - Megacorp.

Features of the add-on

The new system is a megacorporation, which is not like anything that happened before. At the heart of this gaming concept and develop all the innovations Stellaris - Megacorp.

  • Megacorporation is a global conglomerate in which fundamentally different races can get along. In the first place are only the skills
  • The possibility of colonization of literally any planets - arrange a global expansion in outer space
  • An updated system of building planets - now you can build only farms, mines, generators and urban areas, which streamlines the development mechanics
  • Division into social groups, the emergence of the concept of unemployment, crime, and much more within urban development
  • Alloys and consumer goods are now available in the resource category.

Stellaris - Megacorp is one of the options for competent development of the series, which will provide users with at least a new unique experience in the game for mega-corporation.

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