Stellaris - Galaxy Edition

Paradox Interactive, 09.05.2016
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Stellaris is an exciting pastime for exploring the cosmic expanses where you have to travel, meet the inhabitants of distant worlds, interact with them and constantly learn something new
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22.80 $

Stellaris is literally the embodiment of everything thoughtful and intelligent that could be born in the genre of global strategy. This is a game about space with almost unlimited potential: the abundance of random events and plot branches, races and opportunities for their development makes Stellaris more than one evening of entertainment. I want to come back here again and again. And the maximum of this game you can take by buying Stellaris - Galaxy Edition.

Edition's features

  • Full version of Stellaris
  • A separate soundtrack of the game is available in the form of MP3 and FLAC files, including songs that are not included in the game.
  • Exclusive race: the empire of spiders with a completely unique set of game options
  • E-book dedicated to the creation of the visual component of the game
  • E-book - a story based on the game
  • Corporate avatar and icon for social networks
  • Desktop wallpapers autographed by developers

Stellaris - Galaxy Edition - fan's dream, which is easily transformed into reality!

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