Ubisoft, 02.12.2016
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Ride in the vast open world of the Alpine slopes, where the snow is always fresh and the trails are endless
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Steep is an effective and addictive simulator of extreme mountain sports, which can easily tear an inveterate gamer out of the next mission to save the world or clean up demons in a dark dungeon. This is a bright and dynamic game that gives pleasure in its pure form - regardless of genre preferences, it is able to attract the attention of everyone. And there are several good reasons.

Game features

  • Bright and juicy graphics, which is characterized by realistic (almost perfect lighting and mountains, the most realistic snow in the history of games) and the full effect of
  • The atmosphere of fun and unobtrusive competition, which permeated single and story races
  • A huge open world consisting of mountains - build your own routes and go through them
  • Created routes can be saved and transferred to other players.
  • Flight suit, snowboard, parasailing and skiing are ideal companions for a weekend in the mountains, each type of equipment has its own, deeply developed game specifics
  • Speed ​​competitions on control points and races for more points scored for tricks
  • Virtually unlimited possibilities for combining tricks
  • Effective soundtrack that successfully complements the on-screen action

Steep is the simplicity of the game world, brought to the ideal. The coolest way to spend a weekend at home, as if visiting the mountains.

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