Starship Corporation

Iceberg Interactive, 03.05.2018
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Starship Corporation - a simulator of space shipbuilding
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Do you dream to be in the role of design engineer somewhere in the distant future? Starship Corporation developers give you this opportunity to the fullest! The game combines elements of a fantastic spaceship simulator and real-time strategy. Here, the player will learn how to create the best ships and manage the built fleet.

Game features

  • An elaborate world of the future with a smart and detailed economic model

  • Virtually unlimited possibilities for creating spaceships in detail

  • An exciting campaign in which you will have to apply, including combat skills

  • Great opportunities for modifying, customizing and improving the appearance of ships to the taste of the player

Starship Corporation is simple in every sense, but made with reverence for the style and genre of the "beast" which will allow gamers to have a great and fun time somewhere in the vast expanses of outer space.

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