Chucklefish, 22.07.2016
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Starbound is a sandbox game that has no right or wrong path.
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Starbound is the original indie sandbox that invites the player to explore large-pixel worlds. This is a kind of simulator of the universe for those who like to make discoveries and constantly find something new, without setting the limits for their journey.

Game features

  • Fun, bright and enjoyable pixel graphics that add color to the gameplay

  • Almost unlimited generator of game worlds, where a large number of objects for interaction are available

  • Fascinating crafting system due to a special subject - 3D-printer

  • Battles, bosses, trade and the ability to catch fantastic animals in locations - there are no main goals and plot, but there are plenty of opportunities available to come up with your own adventure in a huge universe

  • Six game races to choose from, each with its own pros and cons

Starbound is an experiment for true explorers and fans of everything extraordinary in games.

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