Electronic Arts, 17.11.2017
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Come back to the endless adventure of Battlefront, the most popular Star Wars series of video games.
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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a real celebration on the street of Star Wars fans and decent online shooters. Having brought together a bunch of interesting ideas, seasoned with an abundance of love and respect for the universe beloved by billions, the developers have provided a furious, dynamic action that you want to return to again and again!

Game features

• Hardcore online shooter with a fairly competent balance • Thoroughly recreate the story lines of the Star Wars universe and reveal them from a new angle • A relatively short, but captivating storyline single-player campaign that will add a nice watch to the game • Detailed, vivid graphics to match modern standards • A sophisticated and elaborate system of leveling character classes for online battles • Original network modes, including “Battle of Star Fighters”

All together is an action that will not leave indifferent even those who have only heard about Star Wars and everything connected with them.

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