Space Engineers

Keen Software House, 28.02.2019
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Space Engineers is an open world sandbox game driven by creativity and exploration
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Space Engineers is absolute freedom. It is for this reason that seemingly uncomplicated game riveted the attention of a huge number of people. This is a space sandbox with possibilities that Minecraft itself can envy. And if you add research options that open up to players, you risk being stuck here for a long time. Ready for what is arguably the biggest space adventure of your life? Welcome to the world of Space Engineers!

Game features

Space Engineers does not have a clear goal, but has an endless space around that you can explore alone or with friends, terraforming and transforming the space around. You are not limited by almost anything, and you are able to build your own story!

  • An analogue of Minecraft with three-dimensional graphics, and in a realistic space environment

  • Build a space station, extract resources, colonize planets - develop gradually

  • A huge number of tools and game options for development

  • Game surprises and variety of possibilities with multiplayer

Space Engineers is arguably the best thing since Minecraft.

You can buy Space Engineers at a discount in the Gamefy Store.