Space Crew

Curve Digital, 15.10.2020
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Space Crew is a new strategic simulator, a sequel to the most popular Bomber Crew game in its genre, in which you will find never-before-seen adventures!
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9.94 $

The planet is in danger, again! Evil aliens are a big threat to earthlings in 2152 in the world of the Space Crew game, and people have to fight on all fronts, including flying very far from home. This game invites you to take control of a spaceship and crew on board to complete missions throughout the galaxy and fight hated enemies. Whether the expedition awaits success or oblivion in the cold depths of silent space depends only on the well-coordinated work of all crew members.

Game features

Space Crew is a strategic spaceship simulator. The player will have to manage all systems and each crew member in order to achieve efficiency in completing game missions.

  • Bright and catchy, detailed cartoon visual style

  • Simple but addicting story and dynamic gameplay with many game features

  • Game character classes: artilleryman, engineer, captain, signalman and others - they need to be very flexible and carefully managed in order to achieve efficiency

  • Complete modification and rebuilding of the ship for game needs and passing style

Space Crew is a simple but highly thought-out game that can win the hearts of a large number of gamers who appreciate something out of the ordinary.

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