SoulCalibur VI

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 19.10.2018
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SoulCalibur VI - the next chapter of the cult fighting game, where the borders of the worlds again thinned and let on the ground both brave heroes and villains that hunt for mystical artifacts
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SoulCalibur 6 is another part of the cult series of fighting games in which bright and original anime worlds intersect with an abundance of tactical possibilities. SoulCalibur VI offers an interesting pastime for those who are ready to bravely go beyond the immortal games of the MK series.

Game features

• Fascinating storyline with many branches dedicated to individual characters • Original combat tactics that involve the use of different types of melee weapons than make the gameplay more multifaceted • The thought-over and convenient management • Detailed characters, with regard to both combat capabilities and biographies

SoulCalibur 6 is the quintessence of all the best from the previous parts, seasoned with new juicy innovations.

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