Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts

CI Games, 22.11.2019
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Play as an assassin on orders and watch out for rival snipers
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts is a successful development of the series, which for a long time lurked in the shadow of Sniper Elite, but gradually won its place in the sun in the sniper stealth shooter genre. At the same time, a large share of interest is given by the modern setting, which is designed to refresh the hackneyed deserts, forests and cities of the Second World War.

Game Features

The action takes place in Russia in the near future. The Russian Federation collapsed and Siberia became independent. At the same time, the newly-born state has grown into a great threat to the whole world, unleashing conflicts left and right. This is where the mercenary sniper comes into play and is sent into the heart of this unfriendly place on a mission to eliminate key individuals in a new country. And then we have to fulfill the assigned combat missions by any methods - preferably silent.

  • Dynamic and balanced gameplay that brings together the best in the genre

  • The mechanics of using a sniper rifle and sniper tactics at a high level of realism

  • High-quality graphics and sound

  • Detailed recreation of the world

  • Large-scale game levels with many possibilities and paths to pass

  • Character development system

  • Lots of gadgets that add flavor to the gameplay

Overall, this is one of the best stealth genres out there at the moment. Dedicated to all fans of Sniper Elite, Hitman, Splinter Cell.

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