Snake Pass

Curve Digital, 28.03.2017
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Snake Pass is an unusual puzzle created according to the laws of physics, in which when solving puzzles the player needs to “think like a snake”
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Who doesn’t like “Snake” or at least didn’t try to set it once or twice a couple of records at least once? This is an addictive legend of the era of push-button phones, which the developers of Sumo Digital intended to transfer to the three-dimensional world with the addition of all kinds of twists. Feel yourself in the role of a snake and feel how interesting and difficult it is to live without arms and legs in the adventures of Snake Pass

Game features

Snake Pass is a three-dimensional adventure arcade game where the main character acts as a snake in a colorful cartoon world. The main task is obvious - to move and go through the levels. And the gameplay will be as diverse as possible within the canonical gameplay.

• Bright cartoon graphics • Simple controls and successful game design with no frills • An abundance of puzzles and puzzles for every taste • 15 extensive game levels, divided into 4 worlds, each of which is unique visually and gameplay • A pleasant system of rewards and achievements in addition to the main game goals • A gradual increase in complexity - from an easy walk in the beginning, to hardcore levlov in the end

Snake Pass will delight everyone who wants to get a simple game with clear and recognizable gameplay. But without surprises and difficulties (in a good way) it will not do.

You can buy Snake Pass in the online store Gamefy Store. We have the original license to the arcade three-dimensional "Snake" at the best price.