Electronic Arts, 02.09.2014
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The Sims 4 - a life simulator that will allow you to create characters in the virtual world and manage them, playing with life
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Sims 4 is a new opportunity to live as many lives of "ordinary man in the street" as you want, completely without risking your own in real life. This is a life simulator where you can create sims and make them do almost everything that people do in everyday life. In other words, a new part of the cult franchise is knocking on our guests!

Game features

The developers of such a hit series could not limit themselves to a minimum of innovations in the new game and offered a lot of gameplay updates. And not only gameplay.

  • A renewed world that, although a little lost in openness, has become more detailed

  • Unique opportunities for creating game characters - even to create your own copy in the game!

  • Realistic gameplay - however, gamers need to keep track of sims so they don’t engage in nonsense in automatic mode

  • Advanced construction mode and a huge number of new objects with which you can interact.

Sims 4 is a well-proven postulates of the genre, in a slightly updated format.

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