Saints Row IV

Deep Silver, 23.08.2013
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Giant virtual “sandbox” in which everything is possible - superpowers, unimaginable transport and a whole arsenal of unearthly weapons!
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Saints Row 4 is an action from a third party, which can be considered the main embodiment of the unrealism of what is happening in a more or less sane way. This is a purely entertaining product, which serves as the culmination of an insane series of games, and it is precisely for the incredibility of what is happening that is correctly wrapped in juicy gameplay that crowds of gamers value the game.

Game features

In the new part of the game, the main character will fight with aliens, being placed in a certain projection of the world represented in the third part of the game. You will have to conquer the city again, and it is very similar to the previous one. But the changes are more than enough - and the freedom of action will amaze the imagination of every player, both the novice and the devoted fan of Saints Row.

• Underlined the unrealistic nature of what is happening, given at the mercy of the dynamic, crazy gameplay • The abundance of superpowers, designed to diversify and saturate the gameplay with new colors • A fascinating story that keeps the solo passage in suspense until the last • An abundance of basic and secondary, very diverse missions - you will have to rush under the car for insurance, and flaunt telekinesis, and even just run through the checkpoints for a while • Many details of the game world and a funny story that pleases with light humor • The most convenient controls and gameplay in general

Saints Row 4 - an exemplary, with slight excesses, shooter for those who love the open world and nothing more in the game.

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