Rocket League

Psyonix, Inc., 07.07.2015
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Rocket League - a mixture of favorite races and football
6.66 $

Do you like football? And racing, arcade? And original ideas for games? If the answer to at least one of the questions is yes, you should buy the Rocket League. This is a "hybrid" simulator, where the player needs to score a goal against the opposing team while driving. The ball is much more cars, and the car in the process can be broken. Short matches become a real adrenaline rush! We offer to buy the key Steam Rocket League cheap in our store to save on a cool game. We guarantee a license!

Game features

  • Extremely simple and fun: two teams, up to four cars in a team with a maximum, a huge ball and a goal - you need to score in any way, without referees and offsides!
  • Flexible control: double car jumps, hull turns in flight, nitro acceleration - everything that provides flexible tactical possibilities in the process.
  • Intuitive control: arcade in a crystal clear understanding of the word. But learning to hit the ball will have to.
  • Dynamic gameplay: not only kicking the ball, but also fierce battles with the enemy's cars, until complete damage.
  • Multiplayer and game mode on one screen for 2-4 people.

Rocket League - pleasant entertainment, for which you can while away the evening, returning and returning to the world of primitive, but attractive competitions again and again!

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